'Houseplants for Every Room’

'Houseplants for Every Room’

'Houseplants for Every Room’

A new section dedicated to houseplants has been launched on the Joy of Plants’ Plant Finder software this month.

This is to help meet the recent resurgence in houseplants sales in garden centres.

Following figures from the Garden Centre Association (GCA) revealing sales were up 15.38% in November, Joy of Plants has upgraded its software to include a new ‘Houseplants for every room’ section.

On-Going Trend

Terri Jones, Managing Director of Joy of Plants says: “Compared to the same month in 2018, November 2019 saw a huge leap in sales of houseplants in GCA member garden centres. It’s a noticeable on-going trend. Sales were up 13.47% on last year in October too.”

Not Just the Living Room

Linda Parker, Houseplant Assistant at Everton Nurseries in Hampshire, which has a Plant Finder Touchscreen Kiosk in its garden centre, said: “Most people when buying houseplants, especially as gifts, tend to think of just the living room, so to now have the ability to show our customers they can buy for many other rooms as well, is very useful.”