Together We Grow Success!

Together We Grow Success!

Together We Grow Success!

IPM Essen will again provide a global focus on the plant industry. At this time, the spotlight on climate change has never been so intense.

As the horticultural industry looks to provide some solutions to this, you can rest assured that the market leaders in plant research and development continue to search for new plants to introduce.


Now they need to 'factor in' previously unconsidered elements like sustainability for the plants they choose to grow.

We have seen many 'Winning Novelties' introduced at events in Holland and Germany which never reach the plant retail shelves. This means that being new or novel is not enough alone when it comes to choosing successful plant programs!

Camellia Volunteer

Plants That Perform

Anthony Tesselaar Plants have, for over 25 years, been associated with environmentally friendly plants and programs that perform and are both successful and strategically managed for the long term sales.

It is not only their strategic management but product support and relationships with their licensees that produces the final result that their partners really appreciate.

Structured Branding

Their selection of plants has been chosen not just through extensive testing at multiple trial sites around the world to ensure their environmental friendliness, but via their ability to fit under a structured branding and product life cycle management process.

It is this process that separates the Tesselaar product offers from the others in the industry.

Consistent Theme

Their personal philosophy has one simple aim – to bring exceptional plants to market and provide sustainability. Their theme for IPM Essen 2020 is quite simply to enhance this message for the future along with previewing some new programs in development.

Visit them on stand 2E39 at IPM Essen from January 28-31.