Landscape Strategy Earns Excellent Rating!

Landscape Strategy Earns Excellent Rating!

Landscape Strategy Earns Excellent Rating!

The Nexus Building in Leeds is a recent project deigned to create a 'Community of Innovators'. It is also home to the University of Leeds new Design and Innovation Centre.

Inspiring & Memorable

The University of Leeds wanted their landscape strategy to create an exciting vision for the development of the campus, with inspiring, memorable and unique spaces which complement the final landscape. A key aim of the University is for it to be a sustainable University, of which the campus landscape is a core part.

Biodiverse Rain Garden

The external landscaping provides a relaxed, aesthetically pleasing setting, featuring breakout areas, a sustainable garden, and a biodiverse rain garden, all which helped towards the project’s “BREEAM: Excellent” rating.

Architectural and building consultancy practice AHR specified a rain garden as part of the development. This acts as a visually appealing, low maintenance and biodiverse friendly, sustainable drainage system.

Green-tree Rain Garden Filter

Green-tree is a part of leading landscape supplier Green-tech. They were able to advise and supply this specially formulated Green-tree Rain Garden Filter Medium. This is manufactured from PAS100 green organic matter, screened silica sand, and blown clay particles.

This growing medium also provides the nutrition required for healthy growth, while at the same time, slowing down the flow, and acting as a filter for both rainfall and run-off from hard landscaping.