Website Re-Vamp for 2020!

Website Re-Vamp for 2020!

Website Re-Vamp for 2020!

Plants at Work have already begun their own spring clean by revamping their website.

This includes a special section called 'Industry Matters' in which the Interiorscape sector is featured in some detail.

12 Sub-Sections

This section contains 12 sub-sections about our industry including their own press releases, research, job advertisements, 'National Plants at Work Week' and the Favourite Office Plant.

Each sub section contains information related to its subject matter and Plants at Work hope to build on several of these as the year develops.

Increased Relevance

The Association hope it will make the [email protected] website more relevant to members and the industry as a whole, easier to navigate and a productive way to discover more about this niche industry.

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