Big Begonia – The Star of Berlin

Big Begonia – The Star of Berlin

BIG Begonia – The Star of Berlin

After attracting admiring glances in many major cities worldwide, BIG Begonia finally supplied pure flower power in Berlin!

On a perfect summer day in August BIG Begonia was ready for its photo shoot. Large containers were specially supplied and planted for this in front of the Reichstag, near the famous Brandenburger Tor, and at the Siegessäule.

Triple Team Performance

Planning this photoshoot required a degree of patience, since special security permits of the Bundestag were needed for each of the photo locations.

Special thanks go to Volmary GmbH - BIG young plant production - and Rosengut Langerwirsch, who cultivated the BIGs and also handled the transport to Berlin for the Benary team.