Strong and Vibrant Ornamental Sector

Strong and Vibrant Ornamental Sector

Strong and Vibrant Ornamental Sector

Ahead of the General Election in eight days time (Dec 12), the HTA has set out a manifesto outlining its key policy themes.

They are seeking assurances which will sustain and develop a strong and vibrant horticulture sector.

Seasonal Labour

This includes maintaining access to seasonal labour in a post-Brexit world. The UK ornamental horticulture industry is reliant on seasonal and full-time experienced workers from overseas. This needs better recognition within a future immigration system to ensure the sector can continue to develop and thrive.

£24bn Contribution

The HTA is calling for Ornamental Horticulture to be included in a Seasonal Workers scheme.  With the recent sector skills survey showing horticulture facing on-going labour shortages, this threatens an overall industry that is contributing over £24bn GDP to the U.K. economy.

Carbon Reduction

Tree planting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to deliver carbon reduction. The U.K. tree growing industry is well-placed and stands ready to meet policy ambitions. However, for this to happen, there needs to be a strong degree of certainty created by Government, public and private bodies to provide fully funded plans.

The full manifesto can be viewed on the HTA website: