Plant Fest (ival) or Fe(a)st..?

Plant Fest (ival) or Fe(a)st..?

Plant Fest (ival) or Fe(a)st..?

Either way, the Danziger Novemberfest 2019 provided a stunning array of vibrant colours for 2020/2021....

It was a privilege to attend this annual event which draws many of the world's leading growers and nurseries. Some of these are already working under licence with Danziger to propagate and sell this plant material throughout much of the globe.

Quality of Cuttings

Other growers who visited the facility in Mishmar Hashiva, Israel, were able to see the vast potential on offer for themselves to join the 'Danziger family'. The sheer quality of cuttings they provide ensures a very high standard of plant material for the floriculture sector.

'Queen of Hearts' within the Amore range of Petunias.

Finalists at IGOTY 2020

The Danziger production site in Nueva-Santa Rosa, Guatermala is the focal point for their presence as finalists at the International Grower of the Year Awards 2020. This will be held during IPM Essen on January 28th. Danziger have entered in the category of Young Plants.

Plants for 2020 & Beyond!

'Splash Dance' Bolero 

You can see examples of this feast of plant colour at IPM Essen, where Danziger will exhibit and expand on their developments for 2020 and beyond!