Promising Start for Gourmet Roses!

Promising Start for Gourmet Roses!

Promising Start for Gourmet Roses!

Production of the brand new gourmet roses are well on its way in the Netherlands, which is a promising start for this concept and product.

Roses Forever have it possible for a traditional cut rose nursery to reorganize its production to be able to grow the edible roses. Both production and sales are growing.

New Market Segment

When nurseries are making the change from cut roses to edible roses, it is important to know that the nursery will address a completely new market and customer segment.

New sales channels are therefore required, compared to traditional flower production in order to make the change a success. Success in edible roses is almost inevitable, since the market for these is substantial.

'Blue Ocean'

Edible roses is a market with both great possibilities and potential for growth. Gourmet Roses is a “blue ocean” product and are exported throughout the world. They are packed in transparent plastic boxes, which both is a pleasure to the eye and secures a long durability – up to 5 weeks.

These edible roses are sold to fine restaurants, but will also be available in supermarkets’ vegetable section in the near future.

The Facts Are......

Gourmet roses are edible roses that can be used for cooking and decorating. They are a great way to add some colour and luxury to food.Blue ocean strategy is referred to a market where a product has little or no competition. 

Roses Forever won best concept for their edible roses back in 2012.

Exclusive Licence

For more information, where to buy or for exclusive licence to grow please contact Rosa Eskelund. 

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