New Life for Felled Trees

New Life for Felled Trees

New Life for Felled Trees

November 21st is National Tree Day and Myplant & Garden will participate in the Stati Generali del Verde in Turin (Pictured here).

This is in order to take charge of the recycling and transport of some felled trees. These will be given a new life within the exhibiting halls of the 2020 edition of Myplant & Garden from 26-28 February, in Milan (below).  

Cult Event Within the Fair

The wood taken from these trees will constitute the central exhibiting elements in a cult event within the trade fair, in order to present the thousands of international visitors with a new sensibility towards this theme.

Conservation of Natural Capital

Myplant & Garden participates in the project for the reuse of urban wood, a plan of circular economy that favours the conservation of the natural capital generated by a city. This waste is produced by pruning and felling plants for reasons of instability, age, disease, urban development, renovation of trees.