AIPH Announce Finalists for IGOTY 2020

AIPH Announce Finalists for IGOTY 2020

AIPH Announce Finalists for IGOTY 2020

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has announced the finalists of the International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2020 which takes place on the 28th January at IPM Essen in Germany.

Ten ornamental growers from eight different countries (China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Israel, Kenya, South Africa, the Netherlands and the UK) have reached the final.

Gold Winners in 'Cut Flower' Category

Within this listing for 2020 are Kenyan-based Oserian Development Company. They landed the prestigious Gold Award in the category of 'Cut Flowers' at the 2019 Awards, back in January. In effect, this confirmed Oserian as the World's best grower of cut flowers.

They were the first grower of roses in Kenya. Innovation for ensuring sustainability lies at the centre of the company's philosophy.

Richard van Tol (Mavuno) and Sabina Kornek (Mavuno) are presented with the 'Cut Flower' Gold Award in Essen 2019.

Exclusive Partnership

Mavuno Holdings B.V. is a global sales and marketing organisation, specialising in the sourcing and supplying of the finest cut flowers from Kenya to markets around the world. 

They enjoy an exclusive distributorship arrangement with Oserian and have contributed to the rapid expansion and development of this Kenyan based grower.

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