Flagship Product for Air Purification

Flagship Product for Air Purification

Flagship Product for Air Purification

Vitesy report on a very successful IFA 2019, the most important consumer electronics fair of Europe. The company presented its flagship product Natede, the multi-awarded natural air purifier that exponentially enhances the power of plants.

On this occasion, were released new app features such as analytics about the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), 5 different purification modes and an alert system that warns the user about high levels of pollutants.

Improves Health & Well-Being

Natede (Nature,Technology, Design) improves health and well-being thanks to a natural purification process called phytoremediation, which takes place in roots. In addition to this and the photocatalytic filter, the product is able to remove 93% of VOCs and 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, PM2.5 and significantly reduce odours.

Flormart 2019

Natede is made in Italy with recycled plastic and natural beech wood. Following the cradle-to-cradle design principles, Natede has been designed to be easily recyclable: all parts are interlocking, assembled without any glue. 

This product also drew much interest at the prestigious Flormart Trade Fair held in Padova during late September. Here they shared a stand with their partner GreenHabitat.