New Plant Tagging System

New Plant Tagging System

New Plant Tagging System

A novel solution to secure tagging and labelling has been developed by Devon based Bluepoint Tags and Labels. This combines security, legislation and provides marketing options.

By listening and working closely with their customers, Bluepoint have developed this product to ensure secure tagging and labelling of plants and accessories.

Expanded Options

Adding to their established range of traditional tags and labels, these new tags offer a significant shift in the way tags are used within Garden Centres and Nurseries. They are presented in reel format, narrow edge leading, very similar to self ties. 

They also provide expanded options in the way the tags can be utilised.

Tamper Evident Adhesive

Plant Passport Deadline

Using a label with a tamper evident adhesive section makes the tag impossible to remove from one plant and replace on another. It also gives the product added versatility for use as Plant Passports with then deadline for new regulations due on December 14th.

Eliminates 'Loss' Element

Bluepoint’s Sales Manager James Ampstead commented “We have listened to our customers who have said that label tampering is on the rise and it doesn’t take many higher value items to go through the tills to affect the bottom line”.

“The innovative new concept that Bluepoint has come up with, not only eliminates the ‘loss’ element completely but the fully adjustable loop gives far greater flexibility for what the tags can be used for.”

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