'Pruning Plants' Made Simple!

'Pruning Plants' Made Simple!

'Pruning Plants' Made Simple!

Lommers Tuinbouwmachines bv specialise in machines for the horticultural sector which are sold worldwide.

Their recent presence at GrootGroenPlus drew much attention. In addition, their equipment was seen in action by the International Media during their visit to Boomkwekerij Maarten van Overbeek.

20 Years Design Experience

Lommers have almost 20 years experience in designing, developing, producing, installing and maintaining machinery. These are use for drilling planting holes, planting, pruning, cutting plants and for big tree management in the open ground.

Purpose-Built Prune Line

The prune line is a specialist range of equipment for pruning different types of plants. The prune line consists of four different modules.

These include a Trimming Machine which prunes the plant at the top with a 450mm knife. This trimming machine can work with a vacuum unit to collect the waste material.

Butterfly Knives

The butterfly knives (below) prune the plant from different angles. The module consist of 3 or 4 butterfly knives, and it is possible to set the knives individually in different positions. 

The Straight Blade, as suggested, trims the sides of the plants with straight knives. This module consists of 1 - 4 straight knives, whose blades are 750mm long.

Globe Knife

The Globe knife is for pruning the plant in the shape of a globe. This module consists of a single globe knife. Each module can be used individually or as a combination with another.

In this video you can see a prune line in action: