Ecological Maintenance

Ecological Maintenance

Ecological Maintenance

Terrazza MC have developed the Terrazza Geotex Pro, a cleaning and weed removal machine for the nursery sectors.

This provides assistance with the maintenance and cleaning of geotextile surfaces within the greenhouse area. Geotex Pro means chemical free cleaning, without or with the use of minimal water and makes it the perfect tool to work around plants and humans!

Reduced Rotation Speed

There is no more (or much less) need for expensive algae control chemicals. With the reduced rotation speed of the Geo Tech brush, the projection of soil and seedlings is avoided.

The Geotex Pro is also ideal for the maintenance of the total infrastructure, both inside and out. It is extremely manoeuvrable and helps saving time in the daily cleaning routine. This machinery is 100% ecological.

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*Terrazza MC is known for its patented cleaning brushes and its ecological cleaning and weed removal technique, especially designed for the professional landscaper, horticulturists and communities.