Joint Open Day for Schneider & Benary

Joint Open Day for Schneider & Benary

Joint Open Day for Schneider & Benary

Last week (Oct 10) Benary, in co-operation with Schneider Young Plants, organised an Open Day for Viola and pansy growers at the nursery of Gerrit Aarninkhof in Denekamp.

Held in the Netherlands, more than 50 top Dutch Viola growers were present from all over the country, but visitors came from Germany as well.

Seven Breeding Companies

Besides the latest genetics of the Benary breeding, the extensive Viola trials presented in total 20 different series from 7 different breeding companies, both in the V. wittrockiana and V. cornuta range.

Analysis of Varieties

All the plants were grown under the same circumstances, by grower Aarninkhof and they have been also treated with the same PGR’s. This gave the growers, and Schneider, as a young plant producing company, a great opportunity to analyze and compare similar varieties from different breeders.

The plants were grouped by colour-range therefore it was easy to observe the differences in plant habit, flower yield and coloration among the different series.

Viola wittr. Inspire+Yellow Blotch

One of the most interesting varieties at the trials was the new improved Viola wittr. Inspire+ Yellow Blotch. The plant is stronger, better looking and the flowers stand completely upright. These improved characteristics make this important, eye-catchy colour easier to sell on the shelves of the garden centres.

Under Original Name

From 2019, Schneider offers the Viola wittrockiana Inspire+ and Inspire DeluXXe series from Benary under the original name.