WinTree® Connect for Growers and Nurseries

WinTree® Connect for Growers and Nurseries

WinTree® Connect for Growers and Nurseries

Changing your software and management methods sounds daunting for any business. With WinTree® Connect, it need not be a painful, costly or ineffective process.

Seamless Solution

The most comprehensive software solution for growers, nurseries and plant wholesalers, WinTree® Connect makes the changeover swift and seamless. This takes businesses from paper or spreadsheet-based stock, order and sales management, to an all-encompassing software solution.

The same applies to a switch from an existing software programme – you can be up and running in no time.

WinTree® Connect is on the Pulse

From stock control and order administration to purchasing, importing of supplier stock and data delivery management and invoicing, WinTree® Connect is on the pulse.

Providing your business with an excellent combination of powerful software and connectivity of your working processes, the software package brings your administrative and production teams together.

WinTree® App

This provides vital, timely and accurate information of stock, order, delivery and sales movements – in the office or out in the field, when and where it is needed. The WinTree® App on smartphones and mobile devices provides instant access in remote areas.

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