Intensive Breeding Programme

Intensive Breeding Programme

Intensive Breeding Programme

BetterBuxus® is the brand name of the resistant Buxus varieties, developed by Herplant BVBA.

This involved an intensive breeding programme which included classical breeding between different types of Buxus and their hybrids. These 4 varieties are resistant to Box Blight and are protected by both trademark and plant breeders' rights.

Buxus 'Renaissance' HER2009B01

This low-growing Buxus has beautiful glossy leaves and is ideal for low hedges. ‘Renaissance' has small leaves and stays dark green all year round. Due to its rather slow growth, it needs less pruning and can be pruned one time per year.

Buxus 'Babylon Beauty' HER2010B04

This Buxus (above) has rather light green, small leaves and is also very suitable for layering applications. 'Babylon Beauty' has a low spreading growth if not pruned. This also makes it suitable as ground cover for green public areas.

Buxus 'Heritage' HER2010B02

This hybrid (below) is very similar to the well-known Buxus sempervirens but grows a bit more compact. It has dark green leaves that stay nice and green all year round. ‘Heritage' is suitable for universal use as a hedge or pruning form.

Buxus ‘Skylight’ HER2009B03

This selection grows faster than the other 3 hybrids and has beautiful medium green leaves. Due to its good growth, it is extremely suitable for balls, volume applications such as clouds and somewhat higher hedges.