From Hybrid to the Garden!

From Hybrid to the Garden!

From Hybrid to the Garden!

Salon du Végétal 2019 encompassed the complete sequence of how plants originate, through to the gardens and landscape of our cities.

For the first time, this trade show gathered the entire horticultural production and nursery industry including breeders, propagators, seedling producers, seed producers.

Plant & Landscaping

In addition, suppliers of fertilizers, pottery, plantcare products, machinery and equipment were in evidence.

The Plant & Landscaping area represented all the exhibitors, answering the needs of green space designers and managers. This was a key aspect to the event, bringing together all the players of the plant production world.

Rich Mixture of European Visitors

Exhibitors from 10 Countries were represented by 17% (International) and 83% French. 47% were Flower and Plant exhibitors with 53% of exhibitors in the supply, materials and services sector.

Visitors from 32 Countries included 104 Journalists with a total of 7588 trade attendees across the three days.

Return to Angers!

The Bureau Horticole Regional also made a significant announcement that Salon du Végétal will return to its roots in Angers next year. The event will take place from September 8-10th 2020.