New 'King & Queen' Varieties

New 'King & Queen' Varieties

New 'King & Queen' Varieties

The season for many autumnal products has really got going now that autumn has truly arrived. Brassica is amongst the products that are widely available again. This is a 'must-have' within the autumn range for many exporters, wholesalers and florists.

'Back in the Frame'

Breeder Takii believes in this remarkable product and has been working to both update and improve the existing range for a number of years. The introduction of the Crane King and Crane Queen varieties puts Brassica 'back ‘in the frame’ once again.

Remarkable Newcomers

The existing ‘Crane’ family, which includes market leaders Crane Red and Crane White, is being supplemented with two newcomers. The Brassica range has improved in many aspects. There is innovation in both the cultivation and the appearance of these products.

The foliage of the new Crane King and Crane Queen varieties is not rounded, but feathered. As well as enhancing the beauty of the product, this is also a significant benefit for the growers.

Contemporary Floral Displays

It means the Brassica is less prone to diseases and more consistent in terms of quality and height. These new varieties also have a lot to offer consumers. The feathered foliage is innovative and fits perfectly into contemporary floral displays.