Bloss Planters Shine at Flormart!

Bloss Planters Shine at Flormart!

Bloss Planters Shine at Flormart!

The sheer style of the Bloss Planter System stood out at Flormart 2019.

In the style of an haute couture garden, their range can reinvent your space while you create your own personal garden design.

Top level designers from Europe and the Middle East were amongst a number of clients drawn to their impressive stand.

Stainless Steel Planters

Whether for the small house terrace, villa surroundings or near the swimming pool, the options for the private client are endless. These stainless steel planters are rich in design for both private and public outdoor spaces as well as for indoor use.

Modular Backdrop

Bloss is designed to effortlessly create defined, soft, graceful or graphic forms. To achieve unique creations whilst combining the different modules available. They can also conceal walls and dividing structures.

The versatility of Bloss is enhanced by more than 300 modules which, in addition to boasting different forms, are all available in three heights and four depths.

Outdoor Resilience

Their stainless steel planters are fully seam welded, therefore the finish is extremely high. They provide an ideal material for outdoor use. Compared to plastic or wood, stainless steel offers a distinctly higher strength with resistance to knocks, temperature variations and variable weather conditions. 

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