Prevention is the Best Cure!

Prevention is the Best Cure!

Prevention is the Best Cure!

Winter pruning is essential for many ornamental trees and roses. However, no matter how sharp the cutting blade or careful the cut, each cut branch or twig exposes an open wound.

Damaging Diseases

Until healed, this is an easy site for entry of spores which can cause damaging diseases such as cankers and fungal diseases (Coniothyrium spp) in roses.

Whilst infection risk can be minimised by good pruning techniques and hygiene, one of the most effective preventative measures is a pruning paint to cover the wound.

Organic Grafting Sealant

Approved by The Soil Association and manufactured by Solufeed, Garlic Barrier Paint with latex is an organic wound and grafting sealant.

It is based upon freshly crushed garlic extract blended with other natural products including latex and a food grade blue/green dye that indicates where the wound has been treated.

Totally Odourless

As soon as possible after pruning apply the garlic paint with a brush, it is safe and easy to use, compatible with IPM systems and totally odourless soon after application.

5 Litre Containers

Garlic Barrier Pruning Paint is available as a 250ml bottle with built in applicator brush or in 5 litre containers for the professional grower, either direct from Solufeed or an approved distributor.

Further details available from Solufeed on 01243 554090 or visit