Greener Spaces Made Possible!

Greener Spaces Made Possible!

Greener Spaces Made Possible!

At Glee next week, you can see how the Wonderwall produces decorative garden products unlike any other.

The unique aesthetic that runs throughout the company’s product line is demonstrative of the creative and the 'outside-the-box' thinking that the Wonderwall team employs.

Glistening Reputation

This applies to the design and development of its creations. This individuality has also led to the company gaining notable popularity, and maintaining steady business growth and glistening reputation.

Living Wall Designs

The team have been responsible for some of the UK’s most jaw-dropping features and of course, its living wall designs. The planters can be incorporated into both outside and inside projects and offer an opportunity to produce diverse, bespoke garden designs.

The living walls are ideal for a number of scenarios wherein garden lovers might otherwise not be able to pursue their passion; examples include balconies, interiors, window boxes and fences.

Vertical Planter

The Vertical planter can add interest, intrigue and beauty to otherwise mundane features, sprucing up surfaces and spaces in a manner seldom achieved by other decorative ideas.

See Wonderwall on Stand....from Sept 10-12.