New Plants Cordyline Assortment

New Plants Cordyline Assortment

Cordylines Chosen for September Promotion

Van Vliet New Plants have chosen the Cordyline plant for their September promotion.

Cordyline 'Can Can' (PF100) is a breathtaking new plant which distinguishes itself from all other Cordylines thanks to the colour of its leaf. The new leaf develops into bright multicoloured pink and red leaves.

Suitable for Garden or Terrace

The mature leaves turn colour from cream to light green. 'Can Can' is fast-growing with a sturdy root system that is suitable both for planting in the garden or in a (terrace) pot. The plants do require protection against sharp frost.

Cordyline 'Cha Cha'

Dancing Plants!

Cordyline 'Cha Cha' (PF101) has similarities to 'Can Can'. The new leaf develops into a bright multi-coloured apricot to light brown leaves. Its mature leaves then turn colour from yellow to green.

The Cordyline 'Jive' (pbr) is a real masterpiece. 'Jive' has striking green leaves with a lemon-yellow stripe on it. Once mature, 'Jive' reaches a size of 3 metres high and 1 metre wide.

Cordyline 'Jive' (pbr)

Cordyline 'Salsa' (pbr)

Pure Colour! - The leaves of Cordyline 'Salsa' are a twist between an intense purple and an intense pink. This healthy variety is an eye catcher for every patio and in every Mediterranean bed. The plant gets up to 3 metres high and 1 metre wide and needs protection from strong frosts.

Cordyline 'Salsa' (pbr)