Rich Offerings from Belgian Horticulture

Rich Offerings from Belgian Horticulture

Rich Offerings from Belgian Horticulture

The Morus rotundiloba Mojo Berry (Matsunaga PBR) won Gold Medal in the ‘Varieties’ category at the Florall Awards this week. It was one of the highlights of the Autumn edition of Florall, held in Waregem, Belgium.

Trend to Multi-Functional Plants

The professional jury saw a trend in innovations with regard to multi-functional plants that do well on a patio, balcony or in the ground. This compact mulberry, which is sold by tree nursery Willy De Nolf, is a perfect example of this.

The plant only grows to a height of 1.5 m, making it suitable for any garden. The jury also saw its excellent resistance to drought and heat as positive. The fact that the plant flowers both on new and on older wood means that it is easy to prune.

Silver Award for Weigela florida ‘Picobella® Rosa’ 

The Silver Award also went to the Willy De Nolf nursery. The Weigela florida ‘Picobella® Rosa’ (TVP PBR) charmed the jury with its broad range of possible uses, both in pots and the ground. Another strength praised by the jury was its long flowering period from May to October plus the fact that Bees love it!

Lagerstroemia x hybride ‘Miss Frances’

The Bronze Award went to the Lagerstroemia x hybride ‘Miss Frances.’ It's bright red flowers that are the real eyecatcher. The plant is sold by De Vriese-Luyssen of in Wingene.

AVBS – the Horticultural and Green Federation of Belgium, organises the Florall Trade Fair twice a year. The Spring edition is scheduled for March 3rd 2020.