Evergreen & Deciduous Trees

Evergreen & Deciduous Trees

Evergreen & Deciduous Trees

Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi (C O P) is a co-operative of 24 producers cultivating an area of 80 hectares. Their whole production is sold exclusively through Consorzio, which reduces prices and shortens the supply chain.

Production within this group of nurseries includes Evergreen and deciduous trees (container or rootball), evergreen & flowering shrubs, aromatics, citrus plants and climbers.

Tuscan Grown Diversity

Their nurseries are not only located in the province of Pistoia, but also in other parts of Tuscany as well as in other regions. In this way, both favourable climate and ground conditions provides the possibility to produce a diverse assortment of products.

See the range at Four Oaks (Sept 3/4) on stands E214,215,234,235.