Large-leaved Ficus Chosen for September

Large-leaved Ficus Chosen for September

Large-leaved Ficus Chosen for September

Ficus are well known for being strong indoor trees with hundreds of little leaves. This plant is also available with large leaves that instantly give the plant a totally different, more rugged silhouette. 

This green giant is perfect for bringing an instant and relaxed atmosphere to any room or office.

Improvement in Air Quality

Houseplants like ficuses with large leaves improve the air in your home by converting CO2 to oxygen. The large leaves also absorb particles from the air and store them in their roots where they are broken down and expelled.

Furthermore, the green leaves improve the humidity in your home or office by evaporating moisture very gradually. That makes the Large-leaved Ficus a great plant for celebrating the start of the indoor season.

Sales and Display Tips 

Large-leaved Ficus looks best if the plant can stand free against a light background so that the focus really is on the large leaves.

Adjust the lighting so that it falls on the front to highlight the plant’s shine and markings. Display the plant in a cachepot to create an instant domestic mood and remove the impediment of having to find a pot for this green giant as well. 

On-Going Initiative

Ficus are the chosen Houseplant for September, as chosen by Flower Council Holland. This is an on-going initiative to promote the benefits of houseplants across the retail plant sector.