Official IGCA 2019 App Launch

Official IGCA 2019 App Launch

Official IGCA 2019 App Launch

The 2019 IGCA Congress takes place from September 1st-6th in Windsor, U.K. This will be the first IGCA Congress to have its own app.

Garden Connect have teamed up with the British Garden Centre Association to develop this app, replacing the congress-book delegates usually receive.

Congress Programme

The app provides all information delegates need to know while they are on the IGCA congress. Edwin Meijer, MD of Garden Connect: "I've been on the congress myself for two years and felt we could provide information about the tour if we could do it online”.

“We're very excited we had the opportunity to develop the first IGCA app ever. It shows the garden industry embraces innovation and is open to digital.”

Garden Centre Reviews

During the tour, the delegates from all over the world will visit Britain's best garden centres including Millbrook, Ruxley Manor, Haskins, Longacres and many more.

Tam Woodhouse spoke on behalf of the organising committee: "After each visit, we invite delegates to give a rating. This was done via paper forms previously but it makes sense to do it via the app. The centres will get that feedback instantly, allowing them to improve an already great business."

'Push Messages'

The app also allows the IGCA to send push messages: "We're not going to use this too often but sometimes it can be efficient to reach out to all delegates. Having push messages at our disposal will help us to communicate with the 250+ delegates." explains Tam Woodhouse. 

The app can be downloaded for free now via iTunes and Google Play. 

Garden Connect is proud to be a sponsor of the IGCA 2019 Congress. Please go to for more information.