Co-operation Intensifies

Co-operation Intensifies

Co-operation Intensifies

Last year, Plantarium and Groen-Direkt linked their profiles together, to form the largest garden plant event of the year.

In the next edition (August 21-23) a new development is being taken by adjoining the Groen-Direkt Product Promotion Square with Plantarium. The intention is to create a single grower's square next year.

Innovation is Key

In a practical sense, co-operation is experienced through one parking policy, one entrance and one catering policy, while the identity of both organisations remains visible.

Plantarium promotes the trade in horticultural products and offers its participants a podium on which to present their products, with innovation being the key word.  

Wholesale Trade Fair

Groen-Direkt is the number one wholesale trade fair in garden plants with a 'living catalogue' that can be purchased from directly.