Avalanche+® Gains Prominence

Avalanche+® Gains Prominence

Avalanche+® Gains Prominence

In 2018 and 2019, the luxurious rose, Avalanche+®, gained prominence in a number of regal locations.

These were the Lubomirski Palace in Przeworsk, the Książ Castle, the Zamoyski Palace in Kozłówka, the Warsaw Royal Castle (below) and the Wilanów Palace.

In fact, the perfect places to show her majestic beauty in exquisite arrangements and bouquets.

2,000 Avalanche+® Roses

Her royal and noble journey started in Lubomirski Palace in Przeworsk, where she took part in a project commemorating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. 100 work of art pieces with 2.000 Avalanche+® roses were created by Polish florists and exhibited in the palace chambers.

Flower and Art Festival

Later She decorated the chambers of the beautiful baroque Książ Castle, during XXXI Flower and Art Festival. 45.000 visitors could admire the beauty of the Avalanche+® roses in glamorous floristic arrangements.

Royal Castle in Warsaw

In May, Avalanche+® took the splendour and reigned in the Royal Castle in Warsaw during the Royal Rose Exhibition. Over 50,000 guests could see 140 most beautiful varieties of roses from all over the world and the exhibition’s Queen – the Avalanche+® in all her colour versions.

20 Years' Experience

All of those Avalanche+® royal performances were arranged by SIGMA International (Poland), the Polish PR agency with over 20 years’ experience in communicating flowers and plants.