A Guide to Profitable Primroses

A Guide to Profitable Primroses

A Guide to Profitable Primroses

“Good presentation of healthy plants is the key to winter bedding plants”, says Jack Holden of Solufeed.

“They are seen as simple and cheap to grow but attention to detail will pay dividends.”

Leaf Yellowing Prevention

It is well known that yellow or pale leaves are not acceptable to the plant buyer. Jack suggests maintaining air circulation and feed with every watering to keep up levels of calcium and iron. Transpiration prevents calcium deficiency. Also, monitor the Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH levels.

Continuous Feed within Limits

Sometimes growers stop feeding as the crop approaches the time to market. This is false economy as this is the very time the plants need to look their best.

It is particularly important not to feed too much too soon. Encourage the plants to develop a strong root system as they search for nutrients.

Shading is Essential

Primroses do not like temperatures above 15º C so use shading and frequent light watering.

In conclusion, Jack advises the use of fully chelated and balanced trace elements such as Solufeed Primrose and Pansy Special.

Mixture of Vigil & Fleury

For growers in hardwater areas it is recommended to use the acid feeds, Vigil as a starter and Fleury as a later feed. For those growers who blend their own NPK he suggests Solufeed TEC to provide the correct balance of chelated trace elements and minerals.

Solufeed produce a range of growing guides for the professional plant raiser. Call 01243 554090 for further details. 

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