Urban Forests to Regenerate Cities

Urban Forests to Regenerate Cities

Urban Forests to Regenerate Cities

Urban forests and green infrastructures in cities play a key role towards improving our quality of life.

In fact, it has long been known that they offer a number of valuable benefits to the population as they provide vital services such as absorbing CO2 and filtering particulate and atmospheric pollutants.

World Forum on Urban Forests

Across the world a large number of cities have undertaken challenging initiatives of urban reforestation. At the 2018 World Forum on Urban Forests, held in Mantova (Italy) last November, various paths and experiences differing in size, structure and culture were presented.

Increased Tree Planting

A radical change is needed in the way we act. The number of green areas and small parks must be increased, trees must be planted to create ecological corridors, green buildings, or even vertical green buildings, must be built.

Flormart to Provide Solutions

In Padova this autumn, Flormart 2019 will provide technical solutions and products for creating parks and gardens as well as urban and peri-urban forests.


Our thanks to Renato Ferretti for this latest report.