Green Commitments Enhance Woking Station

Green Commitments Enhance Woking Station

Green Commitments Enhance Woking Station

Both residents, customers and visitors to Woking High Street in Surrey are now enjoying a new natural walkway.

The installation of this 75m living wall has Mobilane Green Screens, which have been placed along the length of the Woking Train Station’s exterior wall as part of the Council’s green commitments.

Nature and History Combined

Complementing other green initiatives in the transformation of the town’s Albion Square, the ivy screens now form a naturally green frame for the town’s iconic mural that depicts life along High Street in Edwardian times.

Colour Blending with Wildlife 

The wall not only attracts insects and wildlife to an otherwise grey and urban area, but the screens exercise their prowess in the improvement of air quality. Their foliage aids the trapping and capturing of harmful pollutants from passing and stationary traffic.

Foliage & Floral Interest
Mobilane UK was appointed to install the ivy screens, which are watered by an innovative drip line irrigation system. The screens offer variety of foliage and floral interest, planted with Hedera Helix Woerner, variegated and non-variegated, and the new Euonymus Darts Blanket.

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