Roses Forever Keeps its Focus

Roses Forever Keeps its Focus

Roses Forever Keeps its Focus

"We breed roses and don’t work with other cultures," says Rose Breeder Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever.

Rose Breeding & Selection

We decided several years ago to focus on what we are really good at, which is Rose Breeding and Selection".

“We have a wide range, both within the groups and in the different series. We are also currently developing on four groups of roses: Pot roses, Garden roses, Cut roses and Edible roses”.

Infinity Series

“For each of these four groups, we have series that we are constantly upgrading and expanding. Within the pot roses group, the ‘Infinity’ series has its large, long-lasting flowers or the ‘Love Forever’ series of bright colours, and ‘I am Different’ with its unique ‘never seen before’ roses.

The 'Love Fragrance Forever’ roses, currently have three varieties ready to offer”.

​'Infinity Double' Rose

Infinity Doubles

The Infinity Rose series has been completed with all colours, even with two reds to choose from: King of Infinity, the Gold winner from Moscow last year, and the new Infinity Red with well-shaped flowers.

The latest are Infinity varieties, which are even more compact and extraordinarily add 3 buds per branch. So far, the white has been a success.

"We work intensively on several colours in the ‘Double Up’ series, as we call it. It will take some years but will succeed, given good fortune.”

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