Genesis Plant Marketing Strike 'Gold'

Genesis Plant Marketing Strike 'Gold'

Genesis Plant Marketing Strike 'Gold'

At the recent Horticulture Week Business Awards, the category of Best Ornamental Plant Introduction - Nursery Stock went to Genesis Plant Marketing.

This new cultivar of Dryopteris, ‘Jurassic Gold’ was discovered on a nursery near the Jurassic coast of Dorset. After many years of breeding work by Bob Hollister of Country Garden Plants, propagation was established with the technical expertise of fern specialist Vitroplus.

Marketing Partnership

The joint marketing efforts of Genesis Plant Marketing and the support of UK producer of young plants and liners Seiont Nurseries have already helped the plant to become a commercial success.

Launched at Four Oaks 2018

'Planteria' featured the launch of this plant, prior to Four Oaks 2018. It was the winner in the nursery stock category at the same event.

Bright Golden Orange

This fern has beautiful colouring new foliage, which emerges as a very bright golden orange. As the fronds mature, the colour fades to a lighter shade. The semi-evergreen flourishes in part shade and is hardy to -20°C. It is ideal as either a border or perennial plant.