Flower Trial Visitors Respond to 'Clustering'

Flower Trial Visitors Respond to 'Clustering'

Flower Trial Visitors Respond to 'Clustering'

The average Flower Trials® visitor last month, attended 13 exhibiting breeders at 5 separate locations.

This is a 9% increase compared to 2018, and is a positive result of the cluster strategy which has been adopted by the organisation.

Shared Locations

Due to the increasing number of participating companies, the Flower Trials® board has advised exhibitors to share locations in order to ensure an efficient visitor journey. Visitor numbers show that cluster locations have registered this increase in footfall.

Centre of Floriculture

With 7007 unique visitors from 66 countries, Flower Trials® continues be the centre of Floriculture in week 24. No less than 62 breeders showed hundreds of new introductions and many more existing pot and bedding plants to growers, distributors and retailers from across the world.

Top Performing Event

In the words of new Flower Trials® exhibitor Gaël de Cock from De Cock Plants, ”Flower Trials® was Top!”.  Michael Perry, UK social media reporter, stated that “he will never get tired of going to this wonderful, creative and colourful event.”


*Picture (top right) re-produced by kind permission of Danziger.