The World of Medicinal Plants

The World of Medicinal Plants

The World of Medicinal Plants

During Flormart 2019, there will be a 3 day seminar/workshop /conference programme to address the World of Medicinal Plants.

This Erbale forum is a discussion moment for dedicated professional operators to explore innovative products and the consumption trends of medicinal plants and their derivatives.


It will present heritage-related experiences of official biodiversity within Italian flora. It will promote both networking, product and service exchanges among the different players of the supply chain.

New Generation of Botanicals

Edible flowers are stirring great interest in the world of gastronomic culture and food education. This has enhanced their profile, not only on an aesthetic and factory level, but also on a taste level.

Floristic Biodiversity

It is appropriate, that in its 70th edition, Flormart is strongly committed to the growth in Floristic Biodiversity. This platform offers a commercial gateway between Eastern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.

As the International reference point for operators of the horticultural sector and public green, Flormart will welcome the green sector professional to Padova from September 26-28th.

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