We Need More Flowers!

We Need More Flowers!

We Need More Flowers!

All the important moments in life are reinforced with flowers, and because flowers have such a positive effect on people, we need more of them.

The successful ‘We need more Flowers’ campaign was recently launched for a second time. 

‘ApéroFleurs’ Shopper Activation

There is now also a follow-up on ‘ApéroFleurs’. This shopper activation is running until 4th July and based on the theme of apéro, the traditional French social drinks. This inspires the French to ‘bring colour’ to their gatherings, and tempts them to visit their florist with the chance of winning a prize.

New Special Days Calendar

The Special Days Calendar 2020 is now available online. This includes surprising occasions and inspiring dates to put the spotlight on flowers and plants. Whether it be on the shop floor, in social media or in the newsletter.

*Flower Council Holland is an independent foundation with the mission keeping flowers and plants constantly top of mind with the consumer - that’s what Flower Council of Holland devotes themselves to every day.