"Les bienfaits magiques des arbres"

"Les bienfaits magiques des arbres"

"Les bienfaits magiques des arbres"

In our series of Book Reviews, Hester Macdonald reviews this new publication for 'hungry tree buffs' .

This recently published book by Stéphane Krebs, (a third generation Swiss landscaper with a passion for trees), is intended for the popular market.

Divided into Sections

It does, however, contain enough nuggets of information to keep even the most info-hungry of tree buffs happy. The book is divided into sections, starting with the author's own experience of trees, moving onto a description of a visit to the Fulufjallet National Park in Sweden and the genesis of the book.

Understanding Trees

The gallop through the current state of understanding of trees, their communication and their survival strategies may be a bit brief for the specialist, but it serves as a good introduction to the more esoteric choices later on.

Hawthorn & Elder

The trees chosen to be profiled are those sacred to the druids and the Celts,  plus the author's two favourites, the Hawthorn and the Elder. The colour photos are excellent.

The work is in French, so we hope it will be translated into English before too long, as it deserves to read more broadly than just the francophone world.

Publisher - Favre