"Dahlias - Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden"

"Dahlias - Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden"

"Dahlias - Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden"

In a new series of Book Reviews, Hester Macdonald reviews this excellent guide on Dahlias.  

This comprehensive guide on Dahlias is very much for the amateur grower or the professional wanting to brush up on their knowledge. The author Naomi Slade provides more than enough background for any enthusiast.

Growing & Care

This excellent book was published at the end of 2018 and provides details on the classifications commonly used in the UK and US by various societies, as well as a short but useful section on growing and care.

Four Sections

The book is then divided into four sections, "romantic", "fabulous and funky", "dramatic and daring" and "classic and elegant". These will appeal to cut flower gardeners and florists more than to purist growers, but the lengthy index allows anyone impatient with this system to circumvent it easily.

Sumptuous Photography

The text is simultaneously scholarly and light-hearted, with suggestions on planting combinations and ideas on how to get the trickier varieties to give their best. The photographs, by the very talented and prolific Georgianna Lane, are sumptuous, rendered beautifully on the modern matt paper.

A great book for anyone who wants to get to know these fabulous plants that are once again back in fashion.

*Published in hard back by Pavilion : ISBN 9781911595250 : Priced @ £25.00.