80 New Varieties in Plant Pyramid

80 New Varieties in Plant Pyramid

80 New Varieties in Plant Pyramid

The mysterious world of the plant breeder will be plunged into the limelight at BBC Gardeners’ World Live next week. (13 – 16 June).

Breeders of up to 80 new plant varieties will join forces, with Gardening Writer and Broadcaster Peter Seabrook at the helm, to create a spectacular Plant Pyramid display in the Floral Marquee.

Dianthus 'Red Carpet' from Whetman Plants International

Diverse Range in Single Display

Plant breeders are more usually found behind the scenes, creating new plants / hybrids. It’s a rare occurrence for such a diverse range of breeders to collaborate in a single display.

The spectacle takes the form of a monumental pyramid with four satellite pyramids – covered in upwards of 4,000 plants including new varieties of Garvinea such as the 'Garden Gerbera'.

Nemesia 'Lady Penelope’ 

Highlights of the Plant Pyramid will include Nemesia 'Lady Penelope’ from Farplants (above). This is one of the most anticipated launches, with a delicious fragrance and seemingly never-ending summer blooms.

Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) 'Beacon®' 

Complimenting the feature, the new Pyramid Stage will host talks including Ball Colegrave with details of their new Impatiens Busy Lizzie ‘Beacon®‘ and Petunia ‘Easy Wave® Lavender Sky Blue.

Busy Lizzie ‘Beacon®'

Peter Seabrook said “This is the biggest floral display that I have ever planned and helped to stage. It is a unique coming together of all the UK’s most well-known seed brands and many international breeding companies.”