Danziger Invites You Meet The King!

Danziger Invites You Meet The King!

Danziger Invites You Meet The King!

You're invited to visit Danziger’s Flower Trials display at Royal Van Zanten next week. (June 11-14).

Here you will meet their new King, Amore TM  King of Hearts Petunia. Danziger have created an innovative experience that will delight and inspire.

Amore’s unique flowers feature five elegant heart shapes outlined in bright hues. This stable, uniform series delivers stunning flower power that captures consumer’s attention.

Share the Love of Gardening

They will highlight new introductions, retail display ideas and fun new ways to share the love of gardening. Their 2020 introductions will offer more colour and bloom power than ever before.

The company’s team of more than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders are bringing new varieties to market that deliver dependable and beautiful garden performance.

Innovative Varieties

“Danziger is focused on our customer’s success, developing innovative varieties that are easier to grow, provide dependable performance and deliver more profits,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO of Danziger. “We know you’ll love them and consumers will too.”