'Unlocking the potential of the Digital World' 

'Unlocking the potential of the Digital World' 

'Unlocking the Potential of the Digital World' 

Palmstead's highly successful Soft Landscaping Workshop back in January was a one-day seminar and discussion forum on topics relating to the Landscape industry.

As a follow-up to this January workshop, Palmstead Nurseries continue to hold a series of mini-workshops throughout the year to November. The theme for June 19th is 'Unlocking the potential of the Digital World'. 

Workshop Programme 2019

24 July - 'Meeting the challenges of Urban  Planting'. 

21 Aug - 'Hazard spotting, where do we see risk?' 

18 Sept - 'Our environment, our responsibility’ 

23 Oct - ‘It’s all about the roots - what makes for a sound foundation?'

20 Nov - 'Reliable and robust- Bullet proof gardening'