A World's First in Carbon Neutral Systems!

A World's First in Carbon Neutral Systems!

A World's First in Carbon Neutral Systems!

Netherlands based Frames have announced the first carbon neutral system for heating and supplying CO2 for industrial-scale, greenhouse growers.

This has been successfully demonstrated by DES B.V. a co-operative association of growers including VOF Prominent Grevelingen, DT van Noord tomatoes and Van Duijn aubergines.

6.5 million m3 Natural Gas

The biomass system will save the growers more than 6.5 million m3 of natural gas, and 12 million kilos of fossil CO2 emissions per year.

“Our breakthrough for greenhouse CO2 recovery came when we realised that both heat production and CO2 emissions are features of the same system, so why not tackle both at the same time’, says Nick ten Asbroek, Product Specialist, Frames.

Viable Pilot Solution

“We contacted Vyncke biomass boiler maker and worked with them to develop the complete system. To our knowledge this is the first demo designed to produce greenhouse quality CO2 that includes all the required process steps: automation, heat integration and CO2 storage.

“It is also of significant size compared to earlier pilots that focused only on the capture of CO2 and did not demonstrate a commercially viable pilot solution.”