50,000 Visitors at Cut Rose Exhibition

50,000 Visitors at Cut Rose Exhibition

50,000 Visitors at Cut Rose Exhibition

Over 50.000 visitors saw the recent exhibition of cut roses in Warsaw, Poland.

The last exhibition of cut roses, organized by Polish Rose Society, took place in Warsaw in 1999. After a gap of two decades, roses were shown again during the Royal Rose Exhibition which took place from May 11-13th.

Global Rose Display

Visitors were able to admire the beauty of roses from all over the world in the majestic Kubicki Arcades of the Warsaw Royal Castle. These included the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ecuador, Kenya and Poland.

Over 140 varieties in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes together with very special perfume roses inspired the visitors to use those royal flowers daily and to make most important moments special with roses, too.

The Avalanche+® Rose

The Avalanche+® Rose was the Queen of the first edition of the Royal Rose Exhibition. It is a very exclusive and representative rose variety.

Its elegant, pastel colours and royal presence accentuate the most chic events all over the world – from royal and celebrity weddings to Vatican City decorations for the Pope. Avalanche+® was mainly presented in a very elegant floral arrangements.

20,000 Roses

All the arrangements and big special compositions were prepared by over 30 florists from Malgorzata Niska floristic school and by master florist Zygmunt Sieradzan. All together there was around 20,000 roses and 18 exhibitors.