A Beautiful Flowering Spectacle

A Beautiful Flowering Spectacle

A Beautiful Flowering Spectacle

Within hours of the 12th Floralies International opening earlier this month, thousands of people were admiring the beautiful arrangements of the flower and plants in the Parc des Expositions in Nantes.

The Floralies has been held every 5 years since 1965. The event’s goal was to unify a large audience who are passionate about flowers, plants, nature and the environment. The International Floralies expected to record over 300.000 visitors, before it closed on Sunday, 19th May.

'Flowers to Live'

The theme this year was “Fleurs a Vivre ‘ ('Flowers to Live') and reafirmed the sentence of the French philosopher Montaigne: ‘If to live is only a passage, on this passage at least sow flowers’. Professionals, amateurs, associations and municipalities from France and other countries took part.

Grand Prix of Honour

The Grand Prix of Honour was awarded to a selection of exhibitors:

*Collective presentations France and foreign exhibitors: Pakistan (pictured above).

*Individual presentation France: Agnes and Lucien Vevriero.

*Individual presentations by foreign exhibitors from the regional Parc Of Martinique.