'On the way to PlanetProof'

'On the way to PlanetProof'

Griffioen Wassenaar gains Certificate 'On the way to PlanetProof'

Sustainability is of paramount importance to this leading Dutch grower.

Hard work has been going on for many years to make the production and marketing of their perennials as sustainable as possible.

Insight into Procedures

Shortly after the MPS-GAP certification, the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certificate has now also been obtained.

"By registering and monitoring the business processes via PlanetProof, we gain insight into our procedures and we can constantly adapt them", says Arie Ravensbergen, Cultivation Manager at Griffioen Wassenaar.

Sustainable Measures

In the cultivation process, the use of plant protection products has been reduced to a minimum and replaced with biological alternatives. Disease-sensitive plants are no longer in the assortment.

Plants grown for use in public spaces are grown completely free of chemicals. Only perennial plants that tolerate native climate conditions are used.

Zero % Nutrient Emission

Furthermore, slow-acting fertilizers are used to minimize the emission of nutrients. Thanks to the cultivation on lava floors, the (limited) emission of nutrients to the substrate is Zero %.

Weeds at their farms are controlled with hot water. Plants for public green spaces have been supplied without pots for years, whereby the growing pots are reused. As a matter of course, these are made from recycled consumer plastic.

Sustainable Co-operation

Close co-operation has been established with the Bijenstichting, Nederland Zoemt (both Bees Foundations) and the Vlinderstichting (Butterflies Foundation). They have assessed the entire assortment of plants.

'Griffioen Honey'

Griffioen Wassenaar are proud of the co-operation with the foundations. They are now also working on “Griffioen Honey”, through the hives that have recently been placed at both their nurseries.

Arie Ravensbergen says "Thanks to these and many other measures, we can make our production more sustainable and we continue to work on a better living environment".