Unique Collection Garden Set to Open

Unique Collection Garden Set to Open

Unique Collection Garden Set to Open

In Belgium, close to the border with Holland, you can find a very unique collection garden. This garden is the life work of Jan Oprins and the botanical heritage of Harry van Trier.

The 'De Kleine Boerderij' Merksplas project began in 2007. It was the fulfillment of their dreams to bring together special collections.

Enchanting African Lilies

When you enter this terrain of 8ha, you are enchanted by a variety of more than 450 different African lilies on both sides of the main pathway.

Different compartments are reserved for the extended collection of Hydrangeas Jan and Harry brought together through the years. Furthermore, you can stroll through the garden and discover a wide variety of Bamboo, Gingko, Azalea, Hemerocalis, Ilex, Hamamelis and many more.

Opening June 2nd

The opening of this exclusive garden will take place on Sunday June 2nd. From that moment on, you are welcome every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.until 6 p.m. During the week it's also accessible after making reservations.

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