ICL to Showcase new Vine Weevil Seeka

ICL to Showcase new Vine Weevil Seeka

ICL to Showcase new Vine Weevil Seeka

ICL will be using next months HTA National Plant Show to highlight its new one-stop-shop for Black Vine Weevil control. They will also showcase Seeka − its new range of beneficial nematodes. (Stand 233).

Cataylst to New Initiative

“Vine Weevil Seeka, powered by BASF technology, is the catalyst behind this new initiative,” explains ICL’s Marketing Communications Manager, Adam Ferjani. “

“We have taken the lead against this potentially devastating pest, offering a 52 week programmed IPM approach featuring advice on cultural controls, plus beneficial nematodes and compatible chemical controls such as Exemptor.”

Soil or Container-Grown Crops

Supplementing ICL’s conventional chemical pesticides range, Vine Weevil Seeka contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophora beneficial nematodes (85%) and is recommended for use in soil or container-grown crops when soil temperatures are between 12°C - 30°C for at least two weeks after application.

Associate Partner

ICL is delighted to be an Associate Partner of the HTA National Plant Show, now in its 10th Anniversary Year.