Tillandsia is the Ideal Choice

Tillandsia is the Ideal Choice

Tillandsia is the Ideal Choice

Bathroom plants all like shade, high temperatures and high humidity.

This is similar to the conditions that are found in a rainforest, and the bathroom! They fit perfectly with the interiors trend where a room becomes a space to enjoy for a good start, or relaxing end to the day. 

Bathroom Plant Range 

The best Tillandsia for use in the bathroom is the epiphytic T. useneoides (Spanish moss). Tillandsia is also commonly offered as small rosettes in various shapes and sizes.

These are also classic epiphytes, of which T. xerographica (large grey rosette) or ionantha (small red rosettes) are examples. Flowering T. cyanea (pink and blue) or T. flabellata (red) are also very suitable and have the added benefit of bringing colour to the bathroom.

Sales and Display Tips 

A shower curtain readily suggests the place where these plants will thrive. Create a display in which the plants are placed at different heights to emphasise their diverse shapes.  Keep the pots natural for the most contemporary effect. 

Bathroom Plants are the Houseplant focus for May, as chosen by Flower Council Holland. This is an on-going initiative to promote the benefits of houseplants across the retail plant sector.