Big Trees for 'Green Heart' in Belgrade

Big Trees for 'Green Heart' in Belgrade

Big Trees for 'Green Heart' in Belgrade

GTC Square is a high-end office complex in Belgrade, Serbia. It consists of five buildings: two of these are newly build and three buildings are completely renovated.

Atelier Thomas Pucher is the  Project Architect and construction began in 2017. This spring, the square in between the buildings was ready for planting. It was designed to become a real ‘Green Heart’ in the centre of the complex that accommodates over 1.000 people each day.

Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos)

To achieve the desired result, GTC chose to plant big trees. Van den Berk Nurseries delivered three giant Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) of 16 to 18 metres. The capricious growth, open crown, and fresh green feathered leaf of the Gleditsia creates a friendly atmosphere and are very well chosen in combination with the organic shaped buildings.

Beautiful Contrast

Besides the clear- stem Gleditsia, 23 pieces of multi-stem Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Shademaster’ and Ailanthus altissima ‘Sangiovese’ were planted in sizes from 5 to 10 metres high. The last one has big, purplish-red, feather leaves that make a beautiful contrast with the Gleditisia and the white facades.

Challenging Logistics

The size of the planted trees made it a challenging logistic project but it was worth the efforts as the trees add important value to the complex. GTC Square has become a pleasant and popular place for working.